Web Presence

Using your own domain names creates a positive impact and impression on your customers, especially in email communication, when your email address ends with your own company’s name. Web presence benefits small to medium size firms the most. Direct marketers, catalogue retailers and people operating home based businesses use the Internet to sell products. Entire shopping malls exist in cyberspace, selling everything from flowers to automobiles. The Internet has tremendous potential to reduce costs and increase profits for your business.

Once you have a home page on the Web you are automatically open 24×7. People can come in and browse at their convenience. They can find what products / services you offer. They get as much or as little information as they want, ask questions, get answers and place orders. With safe, secure electronic payment systems available, online retail continues to grow year after year. Don’t miss out on potential customers who are increasingly making more and more small to big purchases online.

With websites using Content Management System, product information and pricing on your site can be updated easy and in real-time. This keeps clients and customers revisiting your site to see “what’s new”. Catalogues, product descriptions and prices are never out of date and can be revised with minimal effort and expense. Your Website can be electronically linked to other Websites that serve the interests of your clientele at the touch of a button.

Online Retail

Retail success is no longer all about physical stores. This is evident because an increasing number of retailers are now offering online interface stores for their consumers. Online sales are part of everyday business life for everyone from toy stores to groceries to engineering firms. It acts as an additional retail channel.

Even if your brick-and-mortar store is your major sales channel, today, customers are more likely to know you exist if you have a website.  Remember your potential clients are more accustomed to purchasing goods online. The primary reasons why customers prefer using this avenue are that they (Online Retail) often provide lower prices and bigger selection online than in a store, it is convenient for customers to make purchases from home, they can locate the product that they are looking for very easily, they can shop when the physical stores are closed.

Your business can gain considerable advantage by maintaining an online sales presence, including multiple sales channels. The first advantage for you is that building a website is cheaper than opening a store, and via the Social Media, you can reach customers online anywhere in the world. You can customize their shopping experiences based on their past purchases and preferences, gather customers’ feedback more easily, and provide more comprehensive range of products.

Social Media

The use of Social Media multiplies the benefits that online presence can give to your business. Social Media is very popular today. The main way that it can help your business is that it gives you a way to reach your customers. These days most people go online for the purpose of using social media, reaching them requires you to also be there as well. With over 1 billion people on Facebook, 200 million people on Twitter, and 200 million more on LinkedIn, social media will touch nearly every customer that walks through your door. The good news is that social media can be a very cost effective way to promote your company; it’s completely free to use, it reaches all ages and demographics, and the social media users are active. We know how to setup these accounts for you and to promote them.