KiwiBiz provides you Syncrify, a private cloud based reliable and fast backup service to protect your data.  We have partnered with Synametrics, whose products are trusted by over 50,000 companies worldwide.

Our system is automated and backs up your critical data each day to our server which is located in a data center.  In the long run our backup system will save you money.  From just a couple of dollars per week you can rest easy that your files are reliable and securely backed up offsite.

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How Our System Works
Bullet-Proof Your Data

Bullet-proof your data here! KiwiBiz uses the cloud-based backup strategy known as Syncrify. It is not only cost effective for you (a low monthly fee), but also 100% secure. Important files and folders from your computers are backed up over the internet in off peak time to the private cloud.

Privacy is one of the most important challenges faced by companies using service-based online backups. However, your files remain within the safe boundaries of KiwiBiz. A secure communication channel (SSL) is established for transferring data to and fro, and these are handled only by the administrators. Backups are secured using strong AES encryption to protect your files.


Syncrify is smart, it uses increment backup.  What this means is, it only backs up parts (bits) of a file that has changed.  This will save you heaps of your internet data. For example in your accounting program, say your database is updated by adding an invoice or changing a clients email address, then only those changes are backed up.  But Syncrify is even more smarter, you can configure for versioning. What this means is that you can have more than one version of a file. Take the accounting database file again, you can set how many versions you want and Syncrify is so cleaver it saves the modifications separately. So if your what 5 versions and you set to backup from Monday to Friday, you will have a version for the last five working days. If you want to restore you accounting data, you can now choose which of the last five days to restore too. But Syncrify smartness just doesn’t end there, all communication between the client software (your computer) and server (our server in a Palmerston North Data Center) is by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so no one can look at your data packets while it is being transmitted. Another security advantage of Syncrify that you might like to use is encrypting your data. Encrypting your data means you can only gain access to it with a password. This is ideal for your very sensitive business files.

Hassle Free

Syncrify is a software developed by Synametrics. It has two pieces of software, the client and server.  Once you have bought a backup plan from us, you will receive an email with the download link for your client software. It’s easy to configure what and when files to back up. You will be notified by email every time your system is backed up so you can rest assured your precious data is safely.

However if you want Hassle Free, then we will install and configure the client software for you, either remotely or physically for a small fee.