We are currently designing and developing specifically for bowling clubs a plugin for WordPress.  This development will give your club the functionality it needs to have a dynamic website.


Some of the things this software will do for your club:


Add all your club members information into your websites database. To quickly achieve this you can use a spreadsheet with all your members information and upload it in a few seconds.

Send yearly capitation reports to your Centre and/or Bowls NZ.

Ability to add all your events, such as club championships, club rep teams and selections, galas, special tournaments etc to your database and website.

Create the draws for these events (either manually or automatically).

Ability for members to enter club events online.  Also your members can see if they have entered an event without having to go back down to the club.  Handy for us older guys with poor memories, which includes me!

Add results live so members can see the progress of your club championships as they happen while away from the club.

Club rep team selections.

Interactive club nomination form.

A dynamic Honours Board, this means besides showing all the history of club championship winners, you can also search a particular player to find all of their successes.

Your club officials.

Members profiles.

Admin area, where committees can share files, post you executive minutes for your members which can be password protected if you require etc. (These features will be in the last stage of development)

Different reports with just a few clicks of a button; these could include emailing out team selections, event reminders, newsletters, club house telephone list, club nominations.

Or any other features you can think of, it’s all possible.


With dwindling member numbers in most clubs a website is becoming more important to publicise your bowling club.  Your website is your public face to your community, having an interactive, dynamic and updated informative website will show your club as a forward thinking modern bowling club.



For a sneak preview of the Bowling Club Admin tool, click here.



If you would like more information then please make contact.  Email me the contact details of the best person in your club for further discussions and I will ring them.